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Sept. 7, 2022

Adam Bird: "Freedom is being able to control your thoughts and change your trajectory"

Adam Bird:

On Episode 13 of The Live Free Series, I have the tremendous honor and privilege to share time and conversation with Mr. Adam Bird, Founder & CEO of Heroes Media Group LLC. Adam is a seasoned, serial entrepreneur and leader in building companies, educating, training, and mentoring and empowering teams to success.

During our conversation, Adam shares his definition of freedom and a remarkable story of how taking control of his thoughts changed the trajectory of his life! He is now serving his purpose and shares what it’s like to truly LIVE FREE!

Adam's Bio:

Adam Bird, founder and CEO of Heroes Media Group LLC, is a seasoned, serial entrepreneur and leader in building companies, educating, training and mentoring and empowering teams to success.


Bird's career has been centered around serving America's Community Heroes for more than a decade, including Military, Veterans, Firefighters, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Educators, Medical Professionals, and Clergy.


While he has primarily focused his attention on HMG's media platforms, he saw an opportunity to expand into the beverage market this year. For the past five years HMG had a coffee blend called Heroes United. 


When he saw an opportunity to leverage these products as a way to give back, he took that opportunity to launch an entirely new business venture. HMG Beverage LLC launched in November 2020, the week of Thanksgiving. Started with five blends, and now offers a spirt line as well to include, Gin and Straight Bourbon Whiskey with plans of offering other beverage options as well, with a portion of every purchase donated to charity.






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