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Jan. 5, 2022

Amy Greene | Personal Finance Coach | Shares Journey to Purpose and FREEDOM!

Amy Greene | Personal Finance Coach | Shares Journey to Purpose and FREEDOM!

On Episode 03 of The Live Free Series, I am honored to have a conversation with a fellow Personal Finance Coach and good friend, Amy Greene, Amy Greene Financial Coaching!
Amy takes us on a journey from being a hotel professional, wife, and mother to losing her job, herself, and nearly her mind. While working with her husband to pay off $245k of debt and simultaneously raise a 20-month old daughter, Amy was fired from her job, lost control, and began adopting toxic, victimization mentalities and self-limiting beliefs.

Listen to learn the steps Amy took, enabling her to overcome self-limiting beliefs and regain control of her thoughts, actions, money, and FREEDOM!

This is a true story of resilience, being plagued with a toxic mentality, and fighting through that to overcome and LIVE FREE!

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