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June 22, 2022

Scott Deliuzio | You are NOT alone! **Scott shares a critical message you can't afford to miss**

Scott Deliuzio | You are NOT alone! **Scott shares a critical message you can't afford to miss**

On Episode 09 of The Live Free Series, I have the tremendous honor and privilege to share time and conversation with Scott Deluzio, US Army Veteran, Author, and Host of Drive on Podcast. During our conversation, Scott shares his remarkable story of resilience, fighting off toxic mentalities, and how he "Drove ON" to rediscover his purpose. Tune in for a critical message you can't afford to miss!

Scott suffered a tragic loss and after his 2010 Afghanistan deployment, several individuals that he served with took their own lives. He realized that these individuals survived combat in an area where people wanted them to die, only to lose their lives when they come back home to a place where people want them to thrive.  Scott tells his story and shares how it feels to find the spark that reignites our fire to serve with purpose and LIVE FREE!

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